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Now is the Time to Plan for 2013

by ryan on December 19, 2012

As we say goodbye to 2012 and welcome the New Year, there is no better time than now to start planning your 2013 race schedule! The best way to stay motivated while training—especially during the cold winter months—is to establish 2-3 A Races for the upcoming year. Once you’ve picked your A Races then you can build out the rest of your year with B and C Races.

What are A, B, and C Race?

A Race – The most important race of the season. All training will be focused on performing well at your A Race. It is crucial to choose A Races wisely and try not to change them.  Since you will do a full taper for the A Race it is important to only choose 2-3 a year. Otherwise, you increase the chance of overtraining, burnout, and/or injury.

B Race – You want to perform well at B Races but your training schedule is not built around these events. B Races are great for training/testing and should be similar to your A Race. You can rest for a B Race but you shouldn’t do a full taper. Ideally you should have 2-8 B Races in a year

C Race –You will not rest for these races but will train through them like a regular work out. C Races can just be for fun, and do not have to be the same type as your goal event.  Ideally you should have 2-12 C Races a year.

Here is an example of an athlete’s race schedule. Her A Race is the Donner Lake Triathlon.

February – You’ve Gotta Be Crazy 10K (C Race)

March – Leprechaun Chase 5K (C Race)

April – RENO 5000 ½ Marathon (B Race… goal: Personal Record)

May – Silver State ½ Marathon (C Race)

            Reno Wheelmen Time Trial (C Race)

June – Reno-Tahoe Odyssey (C Race)

July – Lake Tahoe Sharkfest Swim (C Race)

Donner Lake Triathlon (A Race… goal: beat time from 2012 by 3 minutes and top-ten finish) 

Although the A Race is the Donner Lake Triathlon, the athlete is doing a run-focus for the spring. That is why her calendar is heavy on running events, but she also has a good mix of swimming and biking events.

She wants to achieve a PR in April, but her main goal is to finish in the top-10 and improve by 3 minutes at the Donner Lake Triathlon.  She will not be discouraged if she doesn’t meet her goal in April, because her sights are set on the Donner Lake Triathlon.

To find races to build out your schedule, visit www.activereno.com/calendar. More races will be added when information is received. 

See you on the roads!

- Ryan

Ryan Evans is a former collegiate swimmer for the University of Iowa. He is currently a personal trainer and endurance coach at Camie Cragg Fitness. As well as coaching, Ryan serves as the Assistant Race Director for the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey.


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