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The Reno-Tahoe Odyssey is Here!

by ryan on May 28, 2013

The Reno-Tahoe Odyssey is Northern Nevada’s premier running event. Lauren Tomory, owner of EFAST, wrote some tips for RTO runners.

Race week is here!

The RTO is a unique event that gives locals and tourists alike the opportunity experience the beautiful and diverse environment surrounding Reno, NV! The best part is that you get to experience the area, including the bright blue Lake Tahoe, weird and wonderful Virginia City, and up and coming Reno, NV…on foot and with a group of like-minded teammates! I can’t think of anything more fun! RTO_9th_INTUIT

You may be nervous, but remember, you are trained and READY. Be confident. If you aren’t yet 100% confident in yourself, know that your trainer, your training partners, your family, friends and others who care about you and who have been involved in your training are confident in you.

The Odyssey is going to be a van-load of fun, but you will experience challenging parts of the race. During the hard times, it is vital to focus your mind on something positive and effective — it works and it is important! I strongly suggest thinking about your teammates, the beautiful surroundings, how cool it is that you are physically covering 178 miles on foot, and even turn some of your focus to running form (I think “Relax your face, relax your shoulders, hips up, head up, float.”) Do what works for you. Additionally, have a mantra. Something as simple as “Stay strong”, “Focus”, “Dig deep”, “Power Through”, or even “Run Tall”, repeated over and over works wonders.

Little fitness benefits can’t be gained in the final few weeks and days leading up to the race, but much can be lost. Tapering is key, but not to the point where you are not doing anything. This week, cut back on your running while staying active. Take time to really focus on nutrition and hydration.

Review what your plan is for race day (and race night and race morning and the next race day :-) ), then stick to it! Don’t get lazy or not do it because you’re tired or it hurts too much – this is exactly when you will need 50kcal or so of simple sugars and a little bit of salts / fluid during the race.

In the final days you will increase your energy stores by running less and by overeating by approximately 200-300 kcal for 1-3 days before the race. That’s not that much, but it is vital to go into the race fueled and ready to go.

Here is more specific nutrition advice from triathlete and RD, Michelle Hanson:

·       Build up your glycogen stores by choosing healthy carbs. However, for the few days before a race, avoid whole grains and go for more refined grains. Why? Whole grains have more fiber which accelerates the GI tract. Incorporate lower fiber grains and reduce fruit and veggie intake.

·       Post-race, emphasize quality proteins to aid in muscle recovery.

After the race, the work is done! WOO-HOO! Join Race178 for the after-party, celebrate with your teammates, and recover! Take some time off. Reflect on what it took to complete such an amazing feat…

I will leave you with one no-nonsense quote by the legendary Coach Joe Vigil:

“80% of the people wallow in mediocrity and self-pity. Only about 20% see life’s difficulties as a challenge. They have direction. They have goals. CROWD INTO THE UPPER 20%. Do the BEST JOB you know how.”

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